Electronic Technology Reuse

Secure Green Enterprises is experienced in electronic technology reuse.  We work with a full range of electronics including parting out early 1920 vintage radios up to disassembling and recycling modern computer servers.  Our goal it to find the highest level of reuse possible for any given piece of equipment.  Here is what we think the recycling food chain looks like, with best reuse at the top.

  1. Put back in service intact doing same job for a different owner as used equipment
  2. Re-purposed, possibly with minor modification to do new task
  3. Broken down into sub components which are reused as replacement parts
  4. Recycled as scrap material, (Gold, Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Rare metals)
  5. Plastic Components recycled where possible
  6. Hazardous materials taken to properly licensed disposal facilities
  7. Landfill remaining ‘safe’ material

We provide consulting services to help you recycle your obsolete electronic equipment allowing good electronic technology reuse to occur.  That is why our truck is a former Fire Rescue Vehicle, we want to help rescue your old electronics.