Iowa Website Design

Secure Green Enterprises is a multifaceted company, providing a wide variety of technology services. We have been doing Iowa website design and development for over 20 years, including work outside of Iowa.  For most design projects, a very simple website will suite your needs. Often,  we can show you how to use very inexpensive tools to build your own web presence. If your needs are complex, or your time limited we can do the site for you.

I have a Website, now what?

Our website sales page covered a few of the reasons for having a website for your company or organization. For that matter, there is totally nothing wrong with having a personal website for sharing your opinions and pictures. Unlike the multitude of social network sharing sites, you don’t have to give up partial ownership of things you post on your site.  We can show you how to properly copyright your material, it is very easy.

Custom Logo for GoodStuffSales.comFor all this to happen, you need a nice organized Webdesign.  An online store needs an e-Commerce framework. A photo sharing site needs a nice picture display gallery or carousel.  Businesses and Organizations need to project their Image designs on to the Web.  Don’t already have nice Logos and banners?  Now might be a good time to start.  Here are a few of the things we do that could go into your new website design.  There are many other aspects as well, talk to us about your needs and we will help you explore the net for results.

  • Custom Graphics
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Professional Photography
  • Shopping Carts
  • Logo Designs
  • Private Access Web Pages

How much is this all going to Cost me?

Price is subjective to how much effort your desired final outcome requires.  For example, if you have a simple need to have an online presence to work like an advertising billboard design prices could be as low as $24.95. For a single web page where you provide what you want in the form of pictures and text.  We will make it look great and get it on the hosting site.  We have standard rates for other work as well as service contracts where you know frequent site changes will be occurring that you do not want to do.

How Much for a Consultation?

We do not charge for the initial consultation.  Once a contract has been secured, consultation is included in the cost.  It is important that you are getting exactly what you want, and this is our goal.

Do you Ban Certain Content?

We want to make our customers happy, but there are certain things that we will not design or allow to be hosted on our systems.  We have rules that we must follow to keep our business associates happy.  We will not allow the hosting of copyrighted material that is not yours.  If your site starts sourcing spam, it will be shut down.  Our hosting agreement covers all these issues you will not have any surprises later.  They are the same rules we as a hosting company have to follow, nothing unusual.