Electronics Repair Services

Electronics repair services: Vintage Bell receiver

Through our electronics repair services, we can repair most older and some of the newer consumer electronic devices.  Many newer devices were not designed to be repaired, or advanced construction techniques like miniature surface mount electronic components are very labor intensive to service.  Some of these items require depot module repair which we can facilitate. Often the cost of repair is more that replacement cost, in those cases we don’t recommend pursuing the repair. There are exceptions to this, here is a short list of reasons to repair broken electronics:

  • Family Heirloom Radio or electronic device
  • Very old and valuable collectable radio or Victrola
  • Very Expensive like a high end digital piano
  • You just like it, and you can’t buy one anymore
  • It matches your other furniture
  • You bought it 30 years ago and want it to become a family heirloom
  • Vintage stereo equipment is always a good bet, specially tube equipment

We provide both consultation and repair services, let us help you with your ailing vintage electronics.

Here are a few of these type items we thought were interesting examples, click on the gallery picture to see the larger picture.